(Bulk Waste Skips – FAQ)

Can I mix concrete, bricks or soil with my rubbish?
No, if you have any concrete, soil or stones to be disposed of, please advise us and we will give you a bulk handling bag to put these items in.

How long can I have my skip for?
Skip hire is for 3 to 5 days but can be longer by prior arrangement – charges apply. Please remember we do not deliver or collect on weekends or public holidays, but these days will be included in the hire period.

How and When Do I Pay?
We accept cash or cheque payments on delivery or internet payment prior to delivery, but please remember all bins must be paid for on or before delivery.

What if nobody is at home when I want the skip delivered?
Please make sure we have detailed instructions or we could arrange a visit prior to delivery to discuss placement.

How high can I fill the skip?
Level to the top. Overloaded skips are at risk of having items fall off the truck during transport. If your skip is overloaded we may remove items to make it safe for transport. Think safety

Is there a weight limit?
Yes. It is unusual for the maximum weight to be exceeded, but it can happen if concrete and soil is put into a large general rubbish skip or if the skip contains a large amount of Gib board.

The maximum weight limit for our 7.5 cubic meter skip is 1000kg we reserve the right to charge $2 for each 10 kgs over the limit.

Is there a minimum driveway access width?
Yes, we need 3 meters to get our truck in your drive and when the skip is unloaded it will be off the side of the truck. It is also important to note that there are no power lines in the area of the skip as we use a crane to unload the skip.

Can I move the skip?
NO! Any damage done to the bin or property by a skip being moved will be the responsibility of the hirer.


Terms and Conditions

Our Refund policy
If you wish to cancel your order and obtain a refund you must notify Malvern Waste Solutions at least 2 working days before the agreed delivery date.
There will be no refunds if Malvern Waste Solutions try to deliver a bin as arranged but are told upon delivery it is no longer required.

Extra Charges and Penalties
The hirer is liable to reimburse Malvern Waste Solutions for any fees or costs incurred for prohibited waste, excessive weights, blocked access and ANY damage to our skip.

Use of our Bins
The skip supplied is only for use of General Waste (Household rubbish, garden waste, building waste, domestic waste, wood, plastic, cardboard, office waste, furniture, household appliances etc. General waste and Hard fill Waste cannot be mixed in the same skip. We do supply bulk bags for hard fill materials, the weight of which is included in the skip hire.
You must not place hazardous or prohibited items in our skips, for example: Liquids, paint, solvents, oils, chemicals, asbestos, fibrolite, hot ash, explosives or flammable waste.
Once placed by the driver, the skip must not be moved.
The skip must not be overloaded – please do not exceed the level of the sides of the skip or we won’t be able to remove it.

Important Note
If you do not agree with any of our terms and conditions, contact Malvern Waste Solutions immediately and do not use the skip if it has already been delivered. Use of our skip will be deemed to be acceptance of our terms and conditions of hire.